Solar-Quote Testimonials

"I spent a long time researching solar panels but when I finally decided to take the plunge, I wasn't sure how to compare solar powered installation companies. Using Solar-Quote, I was able to get several companies that install solar in Sacramento to provide bids on the job. I didn't pick the cheapest, but was able to compare better with the information.- Janice Dowling - Sacramento, CA

"Thanks Solar-quote! You saved us tons of time; we only had to fill out one form on your site and were able to get lots of estimates for our solar hot water system installation."

-Chong and Alice Tsai - Houston, TX

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"I was talking to my sister yesterday about solar energy and my new solar panels and she is thinking about doing the same. I told her not to waste any time, just go right to Solar-Quote to find the best local installers. I had five solar panel installation bids after using your site and it was totally free. You guys rock!

- Derek Vitale - Jacksonville, FL

"I had my doubts at first, but was pleasantly surprised when I got all the estimates for my new solar panel unit. If you want to put this pic on the web, feel free. Thanks solar-quote." - Joshua Rosenkrans - Blue Springs, MO

"Thanks solar-quote. You guys made it really easy for us to locate which solar panel installer to use around here."

- Margie Whitham - Barlow, OR

"At first I was unhappy that the company that installed my PV solar panels couldn't also do the solar hot water install. I just went back on your site and got more estimates and found another awesome company. I'm nearly covering ALL my hot water and electric needs with solar! Please keep the site up, because I'm sending my friends from other parts of the country." - Dan Macdonald - Durango, CO
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"We weren't even that serious about solar panels at first, but I figured since it was free I would get some bids from local solar intallers. Before we knew it, we had chosen an installation company and we love selling power to back to the grid. Thanks Solar-quote."

- Robert and Kate DeSimone - Lynnbrook, NY

"Thanks a lot Since I installed our solar panels in view of the main road, I keep having new customers walk in to ask about them. I have found some of my best local clients that way. I tell them all about your site, and so far everyone has had a great experience getting solar estimates." - Stephan Marquart - Sante Fe, NM
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"Your site was so easy. I didn't have to try to find contractors in my area and get on the phone and call a bunch of companies. Just fill out one form on the site and get several estimates from solar installation companies in my area. It's so easy! I chose the least expensive and still feel like I got a lot of value. Thanks."

- MaryAnn Kokocinski - Harshaw, WI

"I did a ton of research and spoke with a couple solar contractors in my area, but it wasn't until I talked to a local solar installer from your site that I learned about a bunch more tax rebates I would be eligible for. I saved thousands of dollars thanks to Solar-Quote. Your site is great!"

- Sharon Slanger - Newman Grove, NE

"Hey, thanks alot solar-quote. With the amount we were prepared to spend on our Photovoltaic system installation, we wanted to get lots of bids for our job and the professional contractors we found through your site were great. We wound up going with REC and have been thrilled with the results. Thanks!" - Jason Dellich - El Dorado Hills, CA
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